february goal update

Man, February went fast. Here's a quick update on how well I've managed to keep my goals:
1. Join a book club. Done! I haven't actually gone yet, because it's once a month (the first Monday), but I am reading the book. I'm only 70 pages in so far (400 to go! By Monday night!) but so far it's got me hooked. It's called Shadows of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.
2. Organize the storage room. Not even started. It's 99% my husband's stuff, and I'm frankly kind of scared of potential spiders. I'm going to commission his help in the next couple weeks.
3. Get a new hairstyle and makeup. Done!

March's goals are:
1. Get my birthday list, calendar and address book completely up-to-date.
2. Read 5 books.
3. Try kickboxing or spinning class.
4. Make a complicated desert.

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