I didn't actually watch the Grammy's except long enough to see the Chili Peppers perform AND win Rock Album of the Year (woohoo!), but looks like the Dixie Chicks took home 5 pretty important awards, including Album of the Year & Record of the Year. I'm stoked for them! I've gotta say, I'm a convert ever since the red states turned against them.

Their new album is one of my favorites of the year, coming from someone who doesn't even like Country music.

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Divine said...

I don't know that I necessarily agree with their views, but I don't know how much I read is taken out of context or just taken wrong, so I haven't formed a definite position on it. And I probably won't. Their views have so little to do with my life, that I don't think I'll expend the effort. However, I do LOVE their music, and think that they have worked hard for their awards. Good for them! And I don't think that just because they say certain things that people should ban them (crap I heard on the radio from callers when the issue first came up). They can say whatever they want, and have a right to their opinions. Hello, did you forget that that is the point of this country? E-gads, people!