i used to do stuff.

Back in college, I used to do a lot of creative things with my free time (summer break, Christmas Break, Spring Break... seriously, had I realized real life would offer so little free time, I'd have appreciated it more. Or gone to Grad school). Anyway, one thing I tried for a while was publishing a zine. Remember those? I think I published about 5 issues... the first 3 of which were really lame... I did get better. Anyway, I used to give them to friends, people in my writing classes I knew pretty well, roommates, what have you.

The other day I was cleaning out my craft room and found some of the layouts I did (basically the actual pages glued together, or the pre-photocopied final book. They looked like this:

Do people still make these? Or does everyone just blog now? I'd give anything to have some time these days.


Divine said...

Honestly, I had never heard of them till you showed me yours.

katie elaine said...

have you stopped by the SL Library and looked at all the shelves of zines? they are overwhelming and inspiring. When I move back, I plan on spending some time there reading them.