canada does it better

Not many people know this: I have a raging crush on Ryan Gosling. Not many people know I'm also the type to put on my pjs, watch movies like The Notebook, cry into my Ben & Jerrys and secretly hate Rachel McAdams (even though she seems awesome and adorable and can totally rock any part she's played in every movie, even really crappy ones).

Anyway. My husband might be catching on to the fact that I totally printed the IMDB list on Ryan Gosling's profile and bring home even the most obscure from Blockbuster and innocently say "I didn't know that one guy from The Notebook was in this movie. Huh." By the way, Half Nelson really is good- believe the hype.

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Divine said...

Okay, one of my good friends in my ward is best friends with him. Maybe I could finagle a meeting? And he is quite tasty, you are right.