Let me preface this by mentioning the house we bought was in terrible shape when we moved in. The walls were full or cracks and holes and the basement was flooded. The ceiling was falling down in a few places and the weeds were waist-high. There was a shed made of pressed grey wood that was never sided and was falling over and full of hornets right next to the house. You can see the disaster here, although my pictures don't really show the up close and personal detail of the carpet, walls, ect. Just take my word for it.

Anyway. We've put in tons of work. The entire house has been painted, all the fixtures replaced, bathrooms tiled, basement re-finished, we've cleaned up the front yard, planted trees, ripped down the shed, built a new one... anyway.

So this summer, the plan is to get the yard looking decent. Here's a view now, with our ginormous shed almost complete:

On the to-do list this summer is:
  1. till up all along fence line for flower beds
  2. till up garden plot to the left of the shed
  3. pour patio slab wider at back of house
  4. plant shrubs, flowers and fruit trees
  5. seed bare areas of lawn

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