2007 goals update

Remember how I was going to break down all my resolutions for the year into monthly goals and follow up as I went? Well, although I haven't kept up on the blogging end, and I haven't come close to tackling everything on my list... I haven't completely abandoned hope. Here's my list of things yet to do... and the status:
  1. Do volunteer work- In progress. I start my new volunteer project on Monday! I will update tomorrow.
  2. Take a cooking class- not complete
  3. Plan and go on a vacation- postponed... since I just started a new job I need to re-acrue paid time off.
  4. Donate (money) to a charity- not complete
  5. Plant a tree- Was complete, then my dog ate it so we have to try again.
  6. Go on a picnic- not complete
  7. Make my Christmas cards- not complete
  8. Try Thai cooking- not complete
  9. Pay off credit card- DONE!
  10. Go for a hike- not complete
  11. Update resume and portfolio- DONE!
  12. Complete a home inventory- started.
  13. Organize the storage room- not complete
  14. Update address book and birthday list- not complete
  15. Go to a spinning class- not complete
  16. Learn about a religion- not complete
  17. Go to an art museum- not complete
  18. Go ice skating- not complete

So I've still got some things I want to accomplish, but I'm not letting this list be another source of guilt. These are all just things I mean to do, would like to do, never find time to do... so each check mark is just a bonus.

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