similarly smirky people

Everyone and their dog has done this on MySpace so I decided to give it a shot. Seriously I had to take like a hundred pictures dead-on before I got one that didn't make me look kind of like Shia LaBeouf. That's not a bad thing if you're a dude, but anyway. So the result is the only other picture-face I'm capable of, which I promise is seriously better than the alternative.

Anyway, here we have a collection of celebrities I guess I am supposed to look most similar to. Rounding out the list: Heath Ledger's smirky baby-mama, one half of the smirky Olsen twins, Smirky Spice, and the chick who played the smirky cougar/ upper-crust-turned-trailer-trash/ life-ruiner on the O.C.

You have no idea how much of my day off I have wasted.