your tax dollars at work #2

So occasionally, when bored at work, my coworkers and I will try to spread a rumor around the office about each other just to see if it sticks. The rule is, it has to be either at least 80% truth, or based on something actually observed.

Earlier this week I was performing my daily ritual of using exactly 3 Clorox wipes to disinfect the surface of my desk and immediate office supplies, and Teresa said "uh oh, Kellie's nesting!" It was taken a step further to say I was 4 months along. And that was overheard by resident loud guy, who told people I was pregnant with twins whose paternity was unknown.

I don't know what it says about me that I was less concerned of what my relatively new coworkers (or I don't know, my BOSS?) may think of me as I was concerned my mother-in-law would SOMEHOW catch wind of the words "Kellie" and "baby" and decide to announce it for me at her church on Sunday because Finally I Will Be a Mother, Seriously I'm 24 So People Were Beginning To Think Maybe I Didn't Even Want Kids, Hallelujah I'm Not One Of THOSE Kinds Of Women. This is a woman who thinks every time I'm not drinking something with 80 milligrams of caffeine I must have an announcement to make.

And this is reason #2 my in laws must never know about this blog. (Reason #1 is I don't want to have to find and replace "tequila" for "lemonade.")