window shopping

Over the course of the next few months, I'll probably be whining about money a lot since I'm putting myself on a much-needed strict budget. Not that I spend lavish amount of money anyway because, well... I just don't have it. But even those occasional splurges are going to be capped until I recover from the holidays, medical bills, and general over-spending that's happened in the last couple months. But something about not being able to buy anything makes me want to buy EVERYTHING!
So, I'm going to curb my wants by posting about the stuff here. It's almost like shopping, right?
First: I love these vintage book prints from Urban Outfitters:

A few fun things from Forever 21:

Vintage desk carousels from Pottery Barn:

{I wouldn't have bought this stuff anyway, but this really is almost as gratifying as actually spending that $600+.}

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