reconsidering purple (kind of)

Sorry to any purple-lovers out there, but it's pretty much my least favorite color. HOWEVER, I've reconsidered it since my friend shay talked about painting a wall in her house an eggplant color (which her husband's so far been rejecting.) But browsing through the blogs and such, I have been noticing (and collecting) so interiors that are predominantly purple AND gorgeous, when done right.

Lucy Lui's place in Cashmere Mafia (Blogged about at Turquoise Chic).

House to Home (UK):

New York Social Diary:

Or take a look at this slideshow from the Washington Post: Lavender Neutralized.


Kelly said...

i'm also reconsidering. i recently purchased two dark purple glass-based gourd lamps for my bedside table and LOVE them. now i'm thinking i need a few more splashes of it!

Anonymous said...

I love the first & second rooms. It makes me want to paint something dark purple. I don't understand you...you like pink but dislike purple. It doesn't make any sense to me.