because you're worth it.

So this is the blondest my hair's been since the Fugly Hair Incident of 2005 (also known as my wedding). This time I think I like it.

Actual conversation at the salon:
Stylist: "It's totally, like, Jessica Biel highlights."
Me: "Or Bon Jovi."
Stylist: "Who?"
Me: "Yeah. Jessica Biel".


katie said...

It looks super cute.

Kelly said...

it looks really good. very Jessica Bon Jovi! in a good way of course. :)

Anonymous said...

I love it!!! Both the hair and the conversation!-Beck

M&Co said...

The highlights are beautiful! Not Bon Jovi at all !! ;-)

Aubrie said...

SO cute! Loving it! (And who the F#^*& doesn't know who Bon Jovi is?!)

Jake said...

Ha ha, that convo, I can totally see that happening. I always confuse people with musicians, but usually because it's like the Doobie Brothers or the James Gang or someone that no one really knows anymore. But Bon Jovi? That's really weird. :)