going digital

In my quest for Zen this weekend, I finished ripping all my music to Itunes, then hawked all my cds. It was a weird feeling, getting rid of those cds I played on repeat and dissected the liner notes of in my angsty teenage years, but it was also gratifying to unload them. I took part of the money and bought this external hard drive, and spent this morning backing up all my music, movies, and photos taking up space on my computer. From now on, I'm downloading all my music from Itunes.

My next goal is to further cure my digital packrattery, and dissect the folders and subfolders (and sub-sub-folders) and purge the old or multiple things (there's a back-up now, anyway!) and do a massive de-frag.

And Sadie says "get off the computer and play fetch with me, woman!"


katie said...

I keep thinking about doing that but always feel like I want something tangible. At the same time, I have boxes of CD cases and CDs that are just taking up space and I've hauled them through three moves already. You have inspired me. Maybe I'll start getting rid of them. How did you do it? Over e-bay? Amazon Marketplace?

kellie said...


Thanks! I actually sold my cds the old skool way and hauled them to Hastings in North Ogden. It's probably not as lucrative but there's the instant-gratification factor, and no running things to the post office to mail off for a $6 return each time. Based on what I got back divided by the amount of cds I sold I made about $4.00 per cd. It adds up, though!