back from vegas

We are back from the fastest Vegas trip EVER. It was so much fun! We stayed at the Palms (Silicone City!) and checked out Dirty Hypnosis, wasted some money, walked several hundred miles, and saw Taste of Chaos, which was freakin rad (and included THREE Japanese metal bands including this one- thanks YouTube!).
Remember how I said I suck at taking pictures (like 100 times on this blog)? Well, here's the view from our hotel room had you had several shots of tequila:

ROCK FACES before the show:

And posing with my public transit pass...

...the bus was my FAVORITE part of the trip. I am always reminded all the really good freaks are in Nevada (I should know), and on our accidental 2 hour bus ride until 1 am Tuesday morning, I met lots of fun, freaky friends. Like the guy selling things from his backpack (but who apparently made like SO MUCH MONEY cuz da club was CRACKIN') and the crazy old man talking about the price of cattle feed, and the teenage runaway who was a total hard-ass but freaked out when she saw a moth. Those are my people.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much you had! I have to admit the picture from your hotel room looks like your camera was also drinking tequilla. :) J/K
I love you rock faces! You guys look like you had a great time. I'm glad you made it back ok.

ta ta,


Aubrie said...

The Deuce is the greatest Vegas adventure there is! I once met a man in leather chaps and the Seinfeld "pirate" shirt who was claiming his little dog could smell cancer, and therefore was a much better diagnostic tool than any doctor or hospital...