my own makeover montage

You know that scene in the movie Clueless where Cher is choosing her outfit for the day via her computer? That was my favorite part. And now (thirteen years later) that I found Polyvore, I'm going to have a lot more fashion-related posts I think. It's a fun little website that contains hundreds of clothing items from online retailers you can create collages from. And it's addicting- you've been warned.

Here's my dream work-week wardrobe collage I created today:

I could waste lots of time with this...


Meg said...

What a great website!

Where is that black dress from? It's cute!

kellie said...

let me know if you join!

the black dress is a diane von furstenburg (and probably will run you like $700 but is so freakin pretty!)

Anonymous said...

hello kitty! I love you wardrobe. I wish that I could pull off the awesome Thursday hills. You should be a fashion designer!


jenn said...

where is that white top and skirt from? :)