blogger's block

So I'm a bad blogger. I've been in a little bit of a funk lately; nothing serious going on but a general lack of motivation to do all the things I used to do and a fierce urge to take on some new hobbies, interests, and adventures. I'm trying not to be jealous of, oh I don't know, EVERYONE I KNOW who seems to be making major life changes of sorts in over the next 6 months and feeling like I can't compete.

Also, I'm tired. Like, walking-friggin-zombie tired lately. I'm not sleeping unless you count the semi-coma I find myself in at my desk at work each day. I'm trying EVERYTHING I can think of but I can't shut my brain down when it comes time to crash. WTF, brain?

I'll probably be catching up this weekend on what's been going on lately... hope everyone's doing well. MWA!

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katie said...

you are seriously adorable. i love that photo. now go drink a slurpee or get some sleep.