just for me

Last week my freaking awesome, talented mama finished the quilt she was making me. I feel bad I'm just now blogging about it, because I really am so, so excited about it. Look how cute!:

I didn't inherit her talent for patience and careful and meticulous measuring (which is why I'm more about scrapbooking and slapping paint on things than sewing) but I really admire people who can sew and my mom is the BEST. Here's a close-up:

And here's where it's currently living; it makes everything so cheery, no? {Ignore the cord; I didn't do any pre-shoot styling- ha!}

Thanks Mom!


Kelly said...

My Mom is a quilter, too. It is such an underappreciated art and it is unbelievable how much time it takes. I, too, am a slap paint on it/tape it/screw it into place kind of gal. I think it is an art form that will die with the babyboomer generation.

Alicia said...

freaking awesome! ahh to be so talented, or to have such talented relatives :) did she design the pattern and everything? did i ever show you mine?

kellie said...


she did use a pattern, and i chose the fabrics. i have yet to see your finished quilt but i can't wait to see it!


i agree it's a dying art, definitely! i think like everything else, though (scrapbooking, knitting, etc) it will make a comeback one day.