i *heart* black & white

When my husband and I moved into our first house, I had to FORCE myself to restrict the paint colors on the walls to tans and browns, but I promptly hung orange pendant lights, painted my dining room chairs lime green, and scattered the house with throw pillows in every hue.


But lately I've noticed I'm more drawn to simple black, white, and gray spaces like above. Or this one featured in the September issue of Domino: {the corresponding article was actually about this editor's attempt at "going greige" in her apartment. De-colorification is HOT.}


I will always LOVE color, but I am also always so ready to change everything when I grow tired of it. I love these more neutral palettes because they are never boring; you can easily toss in a few colorful items and make them look completely new. Check out this black and white loft-style set: SEXY.

{West Elm}

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