happy sunday.

I just feel like being a home-body today. Here's today's to-do list:
  1. Drink lots of coffee.
  2. Re-arrange the living room. I got some curtains, but the arrangement doesn't make me happy still... I need to sketch it out so I don't hurt myself this time.
  3. Eat breakfast prepared by my husband. This will be something like the 3rd time he's cooked something since we got married 3 years ago...
  4. Sew some ribbon on the pillow cases on our bed.
  5. Catch up on some blogs and magazines.
  6. Make another sweep through the closets for the Goodwill box so I can take it far, far away.
  7. Empty the recycling.
  8. Cook something delicious for dinner. I'm thinking some veggie stir fry and vegan pot stickers...
  9. ...and maybe plan some menu ideas for the week ahead.
  10. Open the windows, stretch my arms, take some deep breaths, and enjoy being home.
Happy Sunday.

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