i *heart* this bitchin' kitchen

I am in love with Temo Callahan's kitchen, featured in the latest Domino. I want to paint on my cabinets, decoupage my appliances, and stack books all over my countertops now.

See the entire house tour here.


Freelancebyu.com said...

OMG! I WANT (scratch that) NEED to check this out! thanks for the great post I love it too!

Tippetts Family said...

KELLIE!!! It's Lyndsy Yakiwchuk (from USU) remember your favorite roommate! It's Lyndsy Tippetts now and so much has changed in 5 years! I can see that you married Jonathan? We have a blog at www.leviandlyndsy.blogspot.com

I love your blog by the way...all the crafty things make me want to get crafty. Thanks for all the ideas.