craft room closet// before & after

A couple weekends ago, I decided to do a massive clean-out of my closets. I got rid of tons of clothes to the thrift store, and gave away a bunch of house decor I'd been storing (my closets were looking like the clearance section of Pier One).

My craft room closet was the worst- everything I was meaning to give away/donate/recycle was stored there til i got around to it. I didn't even take a good before picture- this is after some stuff had been given away:

I know. Ew.

After those totes were emptied at Savers, I went to Lowes and got some shelving to install, and spent the rest of the day cleaning and organizing the remaining stuff. Behold:

Having everything looking all organized and pretty got me inspired to finish a few projects up, including the scrapbook I'd started last year for my dad, and throw pillows for the basement. I'll post on those projects shortly.

The only thing left to do in this closet is make labels for all the boxes and such.

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Aubrie said...

Mmm that's so pretty. Organization makes me happy :)