happy new year!!! // also; sorry i've been a delinquent blogger...


It's been a minute, eh?

Happy New Year, everyone! I've missed you! I cannot believe it's two-oh-oh-nine. We hosted a shindig at Casa Buelo. Good times.

Obviously "quit making that douche-y face every time there's a camera around" was not one of my resolutions this year:

Actual resolutions:
  1. Get thyself {back} in shape. I've been good so far hitting the gym. I love it, so why oh why do I insist on falling off the wagon for months at a time????
  2. Dress better. I didn't suddenly inherit large sums of money or a closet full of Marc Jacobs and vintage pieces, but I can definitely make an effort to wear what I've got in more interesting ways, and be more adventurous with what I do buy. I took 4 huge garbage bags of clothing to Savers this month and I feel like I have more clothing than before now that I actually like {and fit in} what remains in my closet. Now I'm in search of the perfect pair of skinny jeans.
  3. Save money to travel. I'm off to a great start, but J and I have differing views on where to go this year. I say Austin or NYC; he says Alaska. {I'm afraid of the Palins}.
  4. Have more fun. I'll never regret doing things with friends, partying til the wee hours, and doing interesting things with interesting people whenever I can. There's always time to organize my junk drawers. Screw responsibility for one more year- damn the man!
Happy New Year! It's going to be a great one, I can feel it!

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