summer tease

Aren't these heeled sandals (Frye, at Urban) yummy? I seriously want to lick them. They make me want to say "What recession? $188 is a perfectly acceptable amount of money to spend on sandals from Heaven."

I am so ready for some warm weather. I never should have hit the mall today. All those cute summer things! It just made me grouchy when I returned to the parking lot and had to maneuver around gross, dirty snow banks.

Anywho. My sandal splurge will probably be more like a pair of these:

I dig them, but I probably won't lick them.


Katie @ makingthishome.com said...

haha. I've never thought to lick sandals I love... but that image is just fantastic. I hope you can get some. Besides, it could boost the economy to justify, right?

Tippetts Family said...

you should buy them to "help" the economy! and besides, you don't have kids yet...so you might as well now right? guilt free.

by the way...i really love your list called lucky. it inspires me to get organized and crafty. maybe fashionable someday.