dinner club event #1

Why oh why do I never remember to take pictures?

Our first dinner club event was lovely. Sian made delicious crab tartlets. I whipped up some tasty artichoke and sundried tomato pasta and a green salad. Becca topped it all off with some zeppole. Others brought bread, wine, and homemade biscotti. Everyone was instructed to also bring a favorite Italian recipe written out on cards to share with the group.

We crammed 8 of us in my tiny dining nook. It was the perfect number, I think. Here's what the original table configuration I settled on looked like {I wasn't really keen on having to sit in the entryway or living room}:

We ended up pushing the tables together making one big imperfect square. It had to be pretty casual in my small house, but it was a great time.

I love cooking, eating, and being with friends. We plan to do this once a month at a different house each time, and I'm totally stoked about it!

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