teeny, tiny family room makeover

Our family room needed some pizazz, remember? It's been re-arranged many times, but it seemed to be lacking... animal print.

I re-covered the existing pillows, and voila. From now on, the answer is always going to be "add some zebra."

{Not really. But seriously, for about $15, this room no longer bores me so much. Happiness.}

Nothing looks as instantly cool as zebra print, no?


Anonymous said...

I like them a lot! Nice job.


Tippetts Family said...

okay so i'd like to know how you made your pillows look so good (not handmade). the corners look rounded and the edge is kind of stiff looking. what did you do?

kellie said...


I don't have mad sewing sKillZ, so probably the reason the corners look good is I used heavy-weight decorator fabric.

Also, after sewing right sizes together I clipped the corners then turned it right-side out so there's no fabric bulk in the corners. Hope that makes sense!

You need to invite me to your blog again, Lyndsy!

Tippetts Family said...

thanks for the tips on the pillows! this is something i've been wanting to do for a while.

okay, so after watching a Law and Order SUV on child pornography and what not, it scared the crap out of me and i made my blog private. but then no one could access it, so i made it public again. so come on over anytime!