///i gotta find a new place

I am considering a road trip in a couple months. I narrowed it down to the following two options:

Portland/Eugene/Salem, Oregon

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San Francisco/L.A./San Diego

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We will take about 5-7 days. I'd like to hear suggestions of things to do in any of these cities, if you've been to any of them, please!


Heather Steineckert said...

In San Francisco take a boat ride to Alcatraz. We also went to the wax museum too.

Go to Six Flags Magic Mountain, if you love rollercoasters. There is one that you actually feel like you are flying like superman because of the way you are hanging. It's the best rollercoaster I've ever been on.

Go to downtown Hollywood and look at the Walk of Fame and The Chinese Theater and Kodak Theater and all of that.

Go to Seaworld in San Diego. Seaworld rules!

Fork Lift Rental said...

i have never been to oregon, but i have been to LA and san fran. i loved driving along the coast on highway 1. we also did medieval times (the restaurant theater on cable guy, where they joust). that was so much fun. also, we went to a murder mystery dinner theater. i can't remember where, but it was fun too. if you like sea food, fisherman's wharf in san fran is the best.

of course disney land. gromann's chinese theater is fun too. just walking around that area is fun and the shopping is great.

i am so jealous you are going on a road trip. have fun!

kellie said...

Thanks, guys. I think we decided to head to San Diego, via I-15 (through St. George and Las Vegas). I want to do some hiking at Zion on the way down. I'm soooo excited to get away for a while. :)