///what i'm wearing this week*

what i'm wearing this week // april 6
what i'm wearing this week // april 6 by listcalledlucky featuring BKE bracelets

*Feeling glum tonight. So, I'm wearing black/white/tan/grey this week.

Monday: Black cropped pants (Charlotte), ties shirt (thrifted/ Old Navy), shoes (Payless)
Tuesday: Linen dress (thrifted), grey tights, biker boots, black beads (Claire's)
Wednesday: Khaki pants (Hollister), grey tee, metallic platform sandals (MUDD)
Thursday: Black pants (Charlotte), grey vest (Charlotte), white tee, low boots
Friday: Skinny jeans (YMI), grey tunic (Wet Seal), silver ballet flats (Mossimo- Target)


Tippetts Family said...

okay i just think you have the best style. i love it. and who ever said gray and tan don't go together????? They were very wrong. I want to know where you get all your thrifted scores because they are adorable. how much time do you spend looking at thrift stores?

kellie said...

Ahhh, thank you!!!

The brown/tan comment was from a well-meaning friend, but I think she was wrong, too. ;)

Most of my thrifting is done at Savers- love it! I don't hit it up that OFTEN, but when I do, I plan for a couple hours because you have to DIG.

Worth it though! Last weekend I got the linen dress and tied shirt I blogged about, plus 2 other pairs of pants, a denim skirt, an awesome crocheted vest, and an awesome purse... for like $32. SCORE!

Fork Lift Rental said...

wow. that is amazing. i will definitely be giving it a try. i haven't been to successful at DI, but i did pick up a pair of brown old navy cords that i love and my husband hates! i am going to try savers!!!