what i'm wearing this week, too-much-black edition

week of july20
I took a break from this last week, and could tell the difference each morning when I was standing in my closet in my pajamas... I am definitely someone who benefits from some prior planning. I was literally late for work every single day.

Nothing notable this week except Friday, hopefully a shirt from tonight's TOOL show at the ESA. Stoked!

I was inspired to do all black this week by The Uniform Project. This girl has committed to wearing the SAME DRESS every day for a year, or at least 7 of the same dress, just accessorized differently each day. Amazing, seriously, I am totally in awe. Donations through her website funds a project that gives kids living in the slums of India school uniforms and supplies. Read about it here.

She posts a picture of every outfit and is well in her 3rd month. Here are a few of my favorites:

{I kind of have a girl crush on her.}

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