netflix is awesome

So, I LOVE Netflix. Coming home from work to DVDs in my mailbox is my favorite thing ever, and I love that I can find just about anything and rate movies I've already seen so they will populate suggested titles to watch based on my taste. I'm going to let the "flicks"-spelled-with-an-"x" thing slide because other than that it's my new favorite thing.

Here's a sample of my movie queue. My poor husband's going to be so sick of Woody Allen movies.

A Life Less Ordinary
Deconstructing Harry
The Basketball Diaries
Super Size Me
Harold and Maude
Rabbit-Proof Fence

Raising Arizona
Boys Don't Cry
Things to Do
Roger & Me
Hotel Rwanda
The Motorcycle Diaries
What's Eating Gilbert Grape

SLC Punk
My Cousin Vinny
Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex
A Mighty Wind

Almost Famous
Kissing Jessica Stein
Sidewalks of New York
Talk to Her
Indecent Proposal
American Splendor
Layer Cake

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Shannon Krall said...

Woody Allen... Have you seen Scoop?
Woody Allen, Hugh Jackman, AND Scarlett!!!!
I <3 Scarlett!