pumpkin mania

If you don't know I used to be obsessed with the Smashing Pumpkins you probably don't know me well, or haven't known me long. Yes, I grew out of them after Machina: The Machines of God kind of didn't impress me, and then came Zwan, and the news that Billy Corgan was even more of an egocentric a-hole then we already knew. Then there was the solo album. Oh, Billy.

But of course out of curiousity from all the hoop-la surrounding the "reunion" and the comeback, I had to still buy Zeitgeist. And I love it. This is big news from me out of boredom with the current music situation out there and nostalgia's sake. So "The Smashing Pumpkins" is really only Billy and Jimmy... the album is much better than my expectations. I LOVE the sound and the political overtones.

And this just in: tickets on sale today for the SLC stop on their fall tour.

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