I've agreed to work on some freelance projects for my old boss, you know, the one who let me go when I didn't want to move to Atlanta? Anyway. So it's Saturday, and I've really got nothing better to do that work on my first project, and I've maybe spent a total of 40 minutes on actual work in the last FIVE HOURS. Not that I haven't been sitting here in front of the screen thinking about it occasionally, closing my browser windows and trying to focus, only to decide maybe now's a good time to eat peanut butter straight out of the jar with my FINGER or my pantry really needs reorganizing.

I don't think I could ever work from home. I thought at one time maybe I could make it solely as a freelancer, but I can see myself not getting out of my pajamas and spending hours finding new and clever condiments for my pop tarts, or theming my work days to include Tequilla Tuesdays.

It's all really stupid, seeing as how I'm only billing for actual project hours so I'm just wasting my own time here. (I have ethics, just not the work kind.)

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