Milepost 2

Today marks our 2 year wedding anniversary. It's not a huge milestone, I guess, since we dated for like, 95 years before getting married (This is Utah, and the fact that I was married at the old age of 22 after dating for 7 years pretty much makes me a case study for some of my mormon friends.). But still, I was realizing just how much marriage has changed me. Most notably, probably, is my tendency to let go of things that would before have seriously put me in the mental ward. Like dirt tracked through the house. Or unmade beds. Or how I went from "Please don't feed the dog on our dishes" to "Please don't feed the dog with our good dishes" to "Have Sadie lick the plates before I load the dishwasher so I don't have to rinse them first."

Anyway. Even more than a year ago, I can't believe how well everything works, and I'm so glad to have married this guy. I still can't watch Sex in the City reruns without feeling a pang of "maybe I should have stayed single a little longer and moved to the city and lived the Life Boheme before settling in the suburbs of Utah with a mortgage, yellow lab and a husband". But they are just pangs (albeit highly specific ones). I seriously wouldn't have my life be any other way.

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Anonymous said...

CONGRATS YOU TWO!!!! You two are so cute. Love ya guys!!!


Anonymous said...

2 years already. Isn't time for you to start popping out babies? :)