backyard update

Remember when I posted the ugly pictures of my back yard last spring? And have I ever mentioned my husband is awesome? We've worked pretty hard on getting our yard together this summer. I put some pretty recent pictures up on my Flickr account here.

Still to do:
  1. Plant fall bulbs. I ordered alium, hiacynth, lilies and iris.
  2. Find a cute patio set.
  3. Paint front door and back door.
  4. Plant a couple small ornamental trees by our back patio.
back yard- year 2, originally uploaded by listcalledlucky.


design for mankind. said...

Hi Kellie:

Just wanted to swing by and thank you for your sweet comment re: my bedroom over at Desire to Inspire. YOu made my day!!!

Love your blog, keep it up!

dianamuse said...

Well, I just fell into your lovely blog (via Brilliant Asylum). Really like the letter-fun link to Flickr. I hadn't seen that. I'll be back for more visits!