52 projects

Some time around Thanksgiving I came across this on-going list of projects I wanted to start or complete on my thumb drive. After taking off the ones already done I still had something like 48 things I wanted to do. I realized if I would do one thing each week it'd keep me busy for almost a year... so i added a few more for 52 weeks-worth of projects.

Some are small, some more time-intensive. And I'm not giving myself only a year to get these done. This is just a way to do productive things with my time instead of reading Perez. I am not going to post the list but here are a couple things I completed. I'll keep posting as I get some knocked off.

  1. Organize holiday d├ęcor
  2. Filing cabinet purge
  3. Organize linen closet
  4. Iron-on transfers
  5. Clothing purge
  6. Make an apron
{Image from Kolo.com; Newport albums are on my wish list and would make project #15 on my list pretty sweet.}

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