baby talk

My ama-za-zing friend Alicia just welcomed their first baby boy into the world last week. So (holy procrastinating) I spent last weekend making up these fun onesies using Photoshop and iron-on transfer paper:

Below are 4 of the 6 designs I made. #2 I created with this Binth print in mind (kind of). #3 I created simply by typing "Luke" into the Spell With Flickr program I blogged about months ago. The other two are just a result of Abby setting the bar pretty high for her little brother in terms of brains and coolness.

And here's the basket all put together:

The iron-on transfer stuff is so easy. I don't know how well it holds up in the wash, but that makes it perfect for little dudes who will outgrow their stuff in a matter of weeks anyway.

Congrats you guys!!


Katie Elaine said...

that's such a great idea! and the iron on transfers sure beat fabric markers.

Anonymous said...

I wish they would do America's next Martha Stewart. I know you would win. I wish I had half of your creative talent.


Anonymous said...

That is so cute! Why are you so damn creative?!?
(...I forgot my account info but we will pretend that I didn't ;)...)