shoe storage solutions

So a friend of mine asked me for some shoe storage ideas and because, I don't know, I'M PSYCHO??? I decided to blog about it. Anyway, moving on.

I personally own about 20 pairs myself and just use two simple hanging canvas shelves. But there are some more fun options out there, depending on what you're looking for.

First, Domino did a great article on building your own shoe storage (image below). These are definitely for people with more space in their closet, or who need to store them attractively outside their closet.

Next are simple white cubes, like these from the container store.
If these fit underneath hanging clothing or on an upper shelf, they blend nicely in closets with built-in shelving painted white. They sell them everywhere so you could buy them as you need them assuming you had the room.

I also like this simple floor shelf from IKEA, which would work in an entryway or the floor of a closet.

And for people who own mostly flats and flipflops, this over-the-door option (Kmart) looks nice and fits 12 pairs. And it's cheap!!


Kelly said...

thanks so much for the suggestions. i'm thinking the over-the-door idea might fit me well. YEA!

Sharukh Khan said...

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