happy long weekend!

I've promised myself this weekend I'm not going to spend any money. Nada. Not even a dollar. Last night we went to dinner on a gift card from my awesome mama, and the rest of the weekend entails pre-spring cleaning, furniture rearranging, project-finishing and frugal cooking.

Speaking of the cooking, another penny-pinching plan I've got is to see how long I can make it cooking only with ingredients I've got and finishing up left-overs I've frozen over the past couple months. The plan for the next 3 weeks is to only head to the store for the occasional spinach or milk and things but use up the bulk oatmeal, pastas, and boca burgers.

Keeping the "use what I have" mindset, here are some things I'm thinking about:

1. Snazzing up my entryway:

2. Taking organization and list-making to another level.
3. Spending a whole day cooking!
4. Getting rid of excess magazines, hawking some cds and dvds, culling some closets, and dumping the recycling
5. I'm actually excited to spring clean! I've got my arsenal of earth-friendly cleaning supplies ready to go.
6. Uploading the next batch of photos to my Flickr account.

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Sarah said...

Thanks for the link love. :) I love your plan...I SO need to spring clean!