When I was in high school, I used to send away for lots of catalogs, and the day they came I'd pour through each one and circle the things I wanted, then recycle the whole thing. It's better than window shopping because everything's right there in front of you on glossy pages.

I still often do the same thing with the Internet, creating wishlists at my favorite shopping websites. Rarely do I actually buy anything I put on them with the exception of Amazon.com. But I do like to keep track of things that catch my eye so when I do decide to spend some cash it's on things that keep popping up on my wishlists time and time again.

Enter Wists. Just sign up, drag the little script to your bookmarks tool bar, then every time you are on a website and something catches your fancy just click "Add to Wists" and you can make a visual bookmark complete with tags to organize your wants.

Best of all, you can make Widgets like this (this is from my Wists obviously):

Go here to see mine and make one yourself! Be sure to let me know if you do!

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Kelly said...

yea! guess what i did just now?? :)