blackberry buckle

I made these tasty individual blackberry buckles yesterday using this recipe. I didn't have raspberries so I used blackberries, but I think you could put in about any kind of berry and they'd be delicious. So, so easy- try it! Also served with whip cream. Mmmmm.


Heather Steineckert said...

That looks so good. Do you do free delivery? Haha. I love your dishes you baked it in. So cute.

Hey, I'm coming down to my parents' this weekend for a wedding shower for Travis. Going to be there Saturday and Sunday. If you are around we should chat for a bit.

Take care!

S for Kitchen Confit said...

They do look delicious. I think you are right - just about any berry will work with most buckle recipes, though some have different ingredients that might go best with a certain berry. I just tried my old family recipe for blueberry buckle and it turned out wonderfully.