stuff on my walls

The other day I was surfing the 'net looking for a few prints for my walls, a table for my entryway, etc etc. Nothing was jumping out at me- at least nothing that justified the astronomical price tag attached. And I realized most of my favorite things around my house are the things that were nearly free, or have some sort of sentimental value attached. Here are a few:

1- This is a piece of art canvas with fabric stretched across it. It lives in my living room and quite literally is the most interesting thing in there- I pulled the greens, browns, and oranges from it for pillows, lamps, rug, etc.

2- In my craft room, I framed pieces of scrapbook paper with bits of blue to match the wall color in there. I like stuff that's easy to change out on a whim.

3- I love me some decor featuring typography; as a font-nerd it always is the first thing to draw my eye in a magazine or catalog. But even good trends grow tiresome, so I created my own on the cheap by printing the letter "b" in various fonts on heavy paper and framing. This little collection hangs in our bedroom. The "b"s for our last name.

4- This framed flower arrangement was a gift from my mother-in-law. She had a replica of my wedding bouquet made, dried, and framed. This also hangs in our bedroom.

5- These catch-all boards need some updating and rearranging, but they are hugely handy, and I love the messy collage look all contained like that. Both are cardboard covered in heavy fabric and framed in cheap poster frames. It's a great way to hold random pictures I love to look at regularly... maybe I should add re-vamping those boards to my weekend to-do...


Kc said...

I am super interested int he fabric you stretched. I find it so very difficult to find fabric like that. I wanted to do that exact thing you did - and it is even in the colors of my living room. Where oh where did you find that fabric!?!?

kellie said...

KC- I wish I could help you with the manufacturer of that fabric; I purchased it at Joann about 2 years ago I'd say, in their home decor fabric. It's a thick, canvasy texture, and brighter in person. I love it. I hope you can find something similar!