//here's what i'm wearing this week

what i'm wearing week of jan 26 09
what i'm wearing week of jan 26 09 - by listcalledlucky on Polyvore.com

Monday: Grey sweater from Target, Black pinstripe skirt (thrifted), black boots, purple knee-highs (Gotta get mileage out of the boots!!
Tuesday: Black long-sleeve tee, dragon t-shirt (not sure where it's from- it's soooo old), brown cords, Chucks.
Wednesday: Black pants (Charlotte Russe), yellow hoodie, denim jacket, low boots.
Thursday: Grey skinny jeans, lacy tank, white henley, long necklaces, biker boots.
Friday: junky YMI jeans, grey t-shirt, brown vest from the Buckle, sneaks.

***not an incredibly imaginative week, but it's frickin freezing around these parts so I'm more worried about being WARM!

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katie said...

definitely more imaginative than my week, which consists of non-jean pants (stupid business casual) and a non-graphic t-shirt pretty much every day. Sometimes I spice it up with a cardigan. oooh. i need a makeover.