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I heart the Internet as an idea resource for my own house, but sometimes I realize after browsing blogs, online stores, and Flickr for a few minutes, it can become total visual overload. Pile on the magazines and books I look at each week, and it's no wonder I am often completely indecisive about how to choose something for my own house.

I like EVERYTHING. There are so many great ideas out there, and I don't want to paint myself into a style corner with say "modern boho" when I also really like "funky vintage" or "rock star glam."

{Ecclectic and girly- Ruthie Sommers for Domino}

The design experts say you should stash things you like in one place- a style tray or binder or something, to help you find your style. With that in mind, I gathered up the photos I've been saving on my hard drive- stuff from blogs to Pottery Barn website- that I found particularly inspirational, and uploaded them to Flickr. I'll keep adding to it as I find things I love- you can see it here.

{Nature-inspired and classic- Pottery Barn}

Maybe one day I'll peg my style and quit making decorating mistakes I have to either live with and learn to love, or redo (unless I want to just for fun!).

{Bright and modern- Ideal Home}


Tippetts Family said...

i think it's awesome that you are going for it and taking style risks, whether it's a mistake or not! it's better than being a chicken and having a plain house!

kellie said...

i think you're soooo right! i should have mentioned... for the most part my instincts don't let me down. i think the problem is too much inspiration makes me second-guess my instincts, if that makes sense. i think gathering up things i like and determining WHY i like them is going to make me commit to things i love rather than things i think i SHOULD love because everyone else does...

Tippetts Family said...

good call. i am a chicken.