//here's what i'm wearing this week

what i'm wearing week of Feb 2
what i'm wearing week of Feb 2 - by listcalledlucky on Polyvore.com

Monday: I'm home sick today. I don't plan to get out of sweats... BLAH. I'm better than yesterday, though!
Tuesday: Nothing notable. Need to wear more color, thus the orange. :)
Wednesday: That black skirt was thrifted for like, $2, and it gets tons of mileage. Textured tights are awesome. Pink-ish sweater (mine's more like a coral color). Charm bracelet from the Buckle.
Thursday: Shirt is by Daytrip from the Buckle. That panel on the front is extra fabric and just hangs there and makes me feel like a pirate. It's awesome. Pants from Charlotte Russe.
Friday: any random pair of jeans. Concert t-shirt from last weeks Avenged Sevenfold show. It was freakin awesome! Hoodie and Chucks.

Have a fabulous week everyone!

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