friday at home // & weekend plans

I'm home today, watching over my husband, who yesterday got in a pretty ugly 4-wheeling accident. He's ok, but has a minor concussion, a scraped-up face, and some bruises. Even though he's doing fine, he's not supposed to be left alone much for a day or two. Poor schmuck!

I've spent the day cleaning, organizing photos, doing laundry, and culling the fridge while hubby camps out on the couch. Speaking of photos, I sorted pictures of our house by room here. I'm a bit OCD, I know. Now I just need to tag everything better!

{Photo above of my new cute little bird figure- it totally jumped into my hands at Tai Pan. Little guy makes me so happy!}

Here are the productive things I'm doing this weekend:

1. Making labels for the boxes/bins in my newly-organized craft room closet.
2. For real this time, cleaning my blinds (and sills).
3. Ironing!
4. Getting my transcripts and other paperwork in order to talk to my adviser on Monday... I'm getting started on an MBA in March!
5. Making something Valentines-Day themed. I don't care much for the holiday, or at least it's not in my top 5, but it's an excuse to use and pink and red together!


Tippetts Family said...

props to you for taking on the MBA program! where are you going? weber?

kellie said...

Thank you! I'm going to do the MBA online through Webster University. They have face-to-face courses on Hill AFB, where I work, in case I decide to take some of those, too. I am excited!