///summer countdown!

Confession: I haven't worn a bikini since I was about... 15 years old. And yesterday I bought this cute one at Target. It's currently hanging on my closet door as my healthy eating and workout inspiration to kick the last ten lbs. And I WILL be wearing this by June or July.

I want to brag for a minute.

I've become kind of a gym rat! I never thought I'd say that. But I spend about 8-10 hours a week working out, now (though I'm including yoga, stretching, cardio, weight-lifting...).

My self-motivational techniques are:
  • Make sure I'm always trying something new every couple of weeks. I'm ready to now try some new things like swimming and water aerobics, spinning, tennis...
  • Don't limit myself to the gym. Sometimes I do yoga at home, and when the weather gets warmer, I plan to work out outdoors, get people together to play sports, and walk more places.
  • Good music on my iPod. I make a new cardio playlist once a week or so. It gets me through the elliptical machine workouts when I can jam. I am on a weird kick right now: Papa Roach, Pantera, Motorhead. Whatever works.
  • Lose some weight, then wear cute clothes to show it off. It's easier to keep going when I like the way I look a bit more.
  • Relax what I eat on gym days. I realize I need a bit more to keep me going, so I eat accordingly. If I'm not STARVING to death at the gym, that's the difference between getting in an hour of weights or going home early to eat something and skipping the workout. And on non-workout days I eat lighter.
Anyone have any tips for making workouts more exciting, getting motivation to hit the gym, or ways to reward yourself for your hard work?


santoshi said...

your's is a very good blog on fashion.

Tippetts Family said...

well from the pics i've seen of ya, you look so good and are getting way fit! good job. i never thought you'd be a gym rat either.

Aubrie said...

My (geeky) tip is....books! :D I always take book at the gym and actually get most of my reading done on the Stair Master/elliptical. Definitely makes the time pass!

Divine said...

My nutritionist says that you are allowed about 250 empty calories a day (sweets) and that she eats a scoop of ice cream every night. My take on that is that you get your fix for the sweets, which is good - so you don't end up snapping and bingeing on the (ice cream) which leads you to depression because you "fell off the wagon" by eating a treat, and the only way you can deal with the depression is to eat more sweets...and you're back where you started. So eat some ice cream every night, for the love!

Oh, and maybe have someone as committed as you in reaching some fitness goals as a workout buddy. Or at least someone who you can report to, I know I stayed on my diet better when I had to report my progress to someone.