//what i'm wearing this week*

what i'm wearing this week
what i'm wearing this week - by listcalledlucky on Polyvore.com

*nobody cares, but I love posting this anyway. :)

Monday: President's Day= a day off for me! I'll be kicking around the house in jeans, stripy shirt from Forever 21, hoodie (Charlotte Russe), silver ballet flats (Mossimo), cabbie hat from Urban Outfitters.

Tuesday: Denim skirt (thrifted), brown hooded sweater, grey tee, brown boots... and probably some brown cable-knit tights

Wednesday: I'll actually meet the office dress code for once. black pants, grey tee, looong maroon sweater vest, office-appropriate loafers :)

Thursday: grey pants from Charlotte Russe, grey vest from Charlotte Russe, orange tee, denim jacket from Vanity I think, low boots

Friday: jeans, boots, robot tee from Charlotte Russe, military jacket


katie said...

I honestly really love seeing what you wear to work. Is that weird? it's totally weird, huh. oh well. happy day off!

Pearces said...

I care. I love seeing what you wear to work too. I am super jealous!

Anonymous said...

I care too! I depend on my little sister to teach me how to dress, but she's a 4-hr plane ride to NYC. Thanks for your help!! :)