i heart hello kitty

Random fact: I kind of have a thing for Hello Kitty. I don't know why. I don't even particularly like cats {or cartoon animals in general}. I don't love the color pink, to an insane degree. I've never been an 8 year old Japanese girl.

But I totally love me some Hello Kitty. The over-the-top-cuteness is awesomely ridiculous.

A few days ago, my mom sent me a link to this post about the Hello Kitty Resort in Taiwan {click the link to the post for all the photos}. And um... this might be the best thing, EVER.

My husband got me a Hello Kitty toaster for Christmas, which lead to months of "what do you want with your Hello Kitty toast tonight?" I can't NOT be happy every time I pull that sucker out of the cabinet. In the Business class I'm currently taking, my textbook talks about the Sanrio company, and their brilliant {world-wide} brand-saturation. It's true, I can't imagine any other cartoon getting its own brand of pots and pans. I have no idea why, but I totally want them.

Images from Sanrio.com.

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