happy freakin' easter!

So, I made this little sock bunny guy for my mom for an Easter gift. He turned out really cute...

Except the face... right??? I can't get it right, and now he's staring at me with those stupid beady eyes, and lack of mouth. {"Pull the thread tight to make a snout" the tutorial said. The more I pulled, the more he looked like he lost his dentures. }

Bunnies have such a creepy potential, am I right? No, seriously. This guy backs me up. *Shudder.*

Happy Easter, anyway. :p


Glittergrl said...

awww he turned out really cute though!!!

Tippetts Family said...

cute. you are so talented. and sweet.

i am so ascared of rabbits! i really am.

i think it all goes back to the day Melody Condry's albino red eyed bunny attacked my nose.

Amber said...

Just wanted to say Hi! You have a blog that inspired me to start my own...thanks :)

kellie said...

Lynds, that's HILARIOUS! I never heard that story, how truly terrifying!

thanks for the comments! i have fixed bunny's face, but forgot to take a picture before giving him away. he is actually pretty cute now. :)