///what i'm wearing this week

Monday: Grey cardigan (Merona/Target), purple/navy/white graphic tank (Maurices), denim mini skirt, biker boots.

Tuesday: Jacket (Levi's), pink Jem and the Holograms tee (Hot Topic), black pants (Charlotte Russe), low boots, silver hoops.

Wednesday: Grey sweater (Merona/Target), coral skirt (Old Navy), heeled sandals (Payless). lots of bracelets (everywhere).

Thursday: Black cardigan (Kohls), green ruffle tank (Vanity), black pants (Merona/Target), silver ballet flats (Merona/Target), earrings (Claires).

Friday: Avenged Sevenfold concert tee, skinny jeans (Y.M.I.), chucks, studded belt.

**Edited to say... I don't plan on posting on this forever... until the weather warms up enough to assemble some spring and summer outfits. HURRY UP, Spring!**

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