10 minute t-shirt upcycle

I feel so supremely, smugly awesome right about now. Admiring ridiculously expensive Urban Outfitters stuff like this:...

Inspired the smart people over at Planet Green to DIY a similar style from a big ol' unsexy t-shirt. I followed the super-easy tutorial myself {scissors only- no sewing!}, and fashioned my own.

Ch-check it:

I feel very sly and clever in my formerly fugly t-shirt-turned wicked awesome vest. See? Smirky.

I might choppy-chop the bottom at an angle like the one from Urban, but I kinda like the straight hem. It'll be super cute with a belt around it, me thinks. YEEE-AHHH, I rule.


Pearces said...

Looks great! I might have to steal the idea and try to do it myself too! Haven't seen you for awhile, you look great!!!

kellie said...

Thanks Tash! Hope you are doing well!