what i'm wearing this week + new hair-do

what i'm wearing week of jun 29
This week's plan is mostly recycled from a few weeks ago with the exception of Friday's outfit {and quite honestly I don't know what I'll be wearing Friday... I just know that it doesn't have to be office-appropriate because I have the day off for the holiday!}

Perhaps this week I will put some effort into my makeup to offset my new haircut. I'm not quite sure about it yet:

It's kind of... boring. If it's styled perfectly {by a professional}, it's kind of Russian spy/assassin {ie, it's good}. But left up to me I will leave the house at the last minute, as disheveled as always, only now I won't be able to shove it into a ponytail. And I feel like I need more eye makeup or something.

By the way, I am totally hooked on looking at what other people wear on a daily basis. On the weekends I check up on people who do it way better than me... here are some other bloggers who document their daily outfits for our voyeuristic pleasure:
  • What I Wore {love her closet!}
  • What I Wore Today
  • The Coveted {not daily outfits, but AWESOME ones when she does... this blog is dangerous for the wallet.}
  • Sea of Shoes {this girl is only 17 and has the BEST style and apparently an unlimited budget... and she's designed her own line of shoes for Urban Outfitters!!! Sigh. }

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Tippetts Family said...

love your new haircut. you are beautiful!